Hackerbuddy is being upgraded

Hackerbuddy is being upgraded - rebuilt on Rails 3, it's very nearly ready to go live. The old database is being migrated over, and you'll soon be able to find and talk to interesting, creative & friendly startup hackers.

Please bear with me if anything breaks (right now, it's likely - I apologise in advance).

Written by Sharky on November 24, 2011



The site is looking very fresh, i like the new design.

By iaian, December 01, 2011


Thanks :)

By Sharky, December 01, 2011


simple design, efficient as ever

By mledoze, December 01, 2011


i like underground social networks, this is one!
Keep up the good work!

By aj, December 01, 2011


like the other comments, i congratulate the designers on the awesome work put into making hackerbuddy.com :)


By inomon, December 02, 2011


This is good work. Love it

By Orlov999, October 25, 2017

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