What does Hackerbuddy do?

Hackerbuddy pairs up startup coders & designers to help each other over email. If you've set yourself to be available, we'll pair you up with people that might need your help - you can choose whether to accept, and if you do we'll swap your details. Then we get out of your way.

It's a great way to meet interesting, creative startup hackers, and you get a nice warm glowing feeling.

How many people are on Hackerbuddy?

Right now, there are 8588 members.

Who built Hackerbuddy?

Hackerbuddy was built by @sharkseo, a search marketing specialist and Rails developer.

How can I contact you?

You can either find me on Hackerbuddy or send me an email at hckrbuddy@gmail.com. If you've got any bugs to report, ideas about the site or just want to say hi, I'm always happy to talk.

You might be best off pretending this bit isn't here

I'm running an experiment, and this tiny paragraph here is all part of it - you may as well just pretend that it's not really here, it's only temporary while I test something out. I'm seeing what the word phengodidae here to measure it's impact. If you're not sure what any of that means, or what it's about - just don't worry. I'd say all will become clear, but it probably won't, in truth. This text only exists as filler. Go about your business, there is literally nothing else to see here.


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