How/Where to start to learn OOP, JAVA and/or Python?

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How/Where to start to learn OOP, JAVA and/or Python?

Updated by magician137 on April 09, 2012


I would suggest start with Ruby and then may be you can do Python simultaneously.

You can find a lot of great free resources on Ruby @Quora. You can try Codeschool for learning Ruby basics.

Cheers and All the best!!!

Updated by TheRealmccoy on December 05, 2011


Python moin is good enough to start with.

I am sure you will find references to "A byte of Python" and "Learn Python the hard way". These are classic books. Almost every Python guy I know has used them :)

EDIT: StackOverflow for any questions that come up.
Quora has a more general audience. StackOverflow has a focused programming audience.

Updated by execat on December 06, 2011


OOP is a mindset. It's not like learning a language. It would be useful to know what you already know. There's no point telling you stuff you've already mastered, and no point starting in so deep you can't understand a word! ;-)

Updated by Pattern-chaser on December 07, 2011


Get to grips with general OO first, before you get into the languages.

helped me to understand how OO can help you.

Updated by toxicnaan on December 07, 2011



Thanks for that book link. I never really thought about that approach to learning before. Cheers!

Updated by Condensermike on December 08, 2011


No problem, read that book, that will get you think in objects, let me know how you get on , and if you need help let me know.

the next step it to learn. Also pick a application that you would like to create. Perhaps something simple , and then try and code in with a language.

Updated by toxicnaan on December 08, 2011

Matt Fonz

So it is better to learn Python first then? I already know Javascript, but I'm a bit slow with it. Any advice?

Updated by Matt Fonz on December 17, 2011


I picked up python following the Think Python book by Allen Downey. Its a quick way to get your hands dirty and it doesn't assume previous programing experience that much.

Updated by ujj on December 18, 2011


For learning Python specifically for free, I would highly recommend Learn Python the Hard Way:

Updated by jryding on December 18, 2011


Sometimes, it helps to just dive in. As toxicnaan says, find something to write (it doesn't have to be anything extraordinary), and try to write it in an OO language.

My personal preference for OOP projects is C++ or Java. Any of the loosely typed languages like Python and JavaScript should help you get started learning OOP the fastest.

Updated by EvanMcClure on December 18, 2011


I'm with jryding, learnpythonthehardway is an excellent way of learning. I've been working through it and find it is challenging me, but builds up very well.

Updated by muttonlamb on January 07, 2012


Try this:
Sign up and every week you get a new interactive lesson teaching you programming from scratch.

Updated by MrShoes on January 07, 2012


that one help me a lot thanks MRshoes

Updated by byvelvate on April 03, 2012


Hello there, need some help to get started with creating apps. Have got basic knowledge about C++ and java. From where should I begin?

Updated by prabathmenon on April 07, 2012


Wow!!! Nice links. I didn't know anything about programming before now. But after spending just 2days reading/practising from "learn python the hard way" and "bytes of python" I now know the basics of programming. I cant wait to move beyond the beginners phase to start doing what I really want to learn python for.

Updated by Tokunbobidemi on April 07, 2012


Personally I wouldn't suggest learning python to start with, but I'd suggest having a look at Processing as it is based on Java. It also makes it really easy to draw stuff in a window which can be fun! From that you can learn about using objects and classes etc, then progress on to having a play with Java. Netbeans, or Eclipse are nice IDEs to use. Heres a link to the website for processing if you want a peek:
Hope this helps!

Updated by Vostrox on April 07, 2012


What are javascripts,pyton and OOP used for?I will like you guys to teach me

Updated by Airmustee on April 08, 2012


For Java you might try

Updated by Ocean4011 on April 09, 2012

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