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Hi all,

I'm the CTO at eudelay.co.uk. I'm really a backend hacker kind of guy and I'm looking to take our site to the next level.

We may be interested in forming a long term relationship for any of you freelancers out there that are interested.

All the best


Updated by kev_the_dev on June 07, 2013


I looked at your site and the only suggestion that I have is to narrow the width of the paragraphs in the main body. I'm not a typography expert, but I try to keep up with them. They suggest that line lengths should be no longer than about 70 em's in order to improve readability.

Updated by winestock on May 11, 2013


Hi winestock,

Thanks for the tip - sorry I only just saw that you had responded, I didn't get an email notification.



Updated by kev_the_dev on June 07, 2013

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