What is your design feedback on our product at YUPIQ.com?

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Hello Designers,

We've been developing YUPIQ with a strong technology team and some outsourced design work. Looking to trade technology mentorship for some good design feedback.

We can help with any number of server or client-side technologies such as Java (Spring, Guice, Hibernate, Jsp, JPA), Web stack (NGINX, Memcached, MySQL), GWT, Javascript or social app development (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in exchange for some design help. Ultimately, we have a job opening for a designer that we would like to fill.

Updated by loganv on November 04, 2012


Hi loganv,
I would like to help. Can you provide some further background information?
For example to give a good feedback on YUPIQ.com would be really useful to know what is your target, what would you like to communicate through the website, what are your main objectives etc...
As it is now I find the website quite standard, nothing particularly "wrong", and it's not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on what you want/need from the website

Updated by Fhuel on August 17, 2012


Check out my contribution to Google Campus members http://tcanswers.maplamedia.com/

Updated by mikestar on November 04, 2012

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