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I've launched a browser game in alpha test called Secret Republic. Basically it tries to give the feeling that you live in a world of hackers where you have to learn how to hack in order to survive.

There are jobs, organizations, training facilities, bars and other features.

I'd like to hear your suggestions and feedback regarding the game :D. At least make it constructive criticism not just: I hate it. But from what I've seen in the hackerbuddy community all of provide helpful replies so yeah that's why I decided to request your reviews.

Thanks again,

Updated by Secret on July 21, 2016


Not how i'd planned my similar concept, but here's a recent release...

Updated by rarebit on July 18, 2012


Interesting. But anyway that is a PC 3D game ai believe. Mine is a browser based. Hmm I hadn't posted the link here.. forgot I guess: http://thesecretrepublic.com

Updated by Secret on July 19, 2012


A browser hacking game....
I would suggest something similar to the app "Spy Wars". With the different types of things that you can do while hacking be specified by either different Places (Ie. public library, a large company, a cafe, Etc.) Or using different "agents who specialize in the different types of hacking with each type of hacking having its own competitive league. At any rate let me know if you would like to follow up on the ideas if so maybe I can help with the development a little more. :) Also love the idea.
Ps. Love the site. :D

Updated by Cavalry on July 18, 2014


I love it! I just don't like, that after training/job fail you have to vait so looooong... :D

Updated by WhiteGhost on October 30, 2014

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