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I've been working on a location aware hourly weather forecast site for the last little white and I'm just doing some touch ups and tweeks now. I'd appreciate any criticisms, suggestions or even a hello.


Updated by davidhampgonsalves on April 13, 2012


hello :)
you got a prototype to show off?

Updated by holographix on December 02, 2011


ha, brilliant, thanks: www.hourweather.com

Updated by davidhampgonsalves on December 02, 2011


I love it!! I am critical and do not have one thing to point towards improvement. Fantastic!! I also love how you made it easy to convert between F and C. Cute animated objects coming down on strings. I will be using this often THANK YOU for making it.

Updated by emcwalter on December 03, 2011


Ok I thought it was too good to be true. Ha. I do have one suggestion. The lack of sharing options. I just tried to share it to Google + and fb and twitter and I could only +1 it. So that is my only input.

Updated by emcwalter on December 03, 2011


thanks for the feedback, I'll add a couple more options then.

Updated by davidhampgonsalves on December 04, 2011


Add the ability to look up other locations as well. This is a great tool already but having the ability to look up what the weather is at your favorite vacation spot or the town you'll be visiting next would help.

Updated by KyleTroy on December 04, 2011


I really love how in-depth it is, while still looking simple - having the actual precipitation level by hour is actually remarkably useful. Well done :)

Updated by Sharky on December 05, 2011


Yea your right, other locations would makes sense. I'll add that to the list of todos. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Knowing what works and whats lacking has helped me steer my efforts.

Updated by davidhampgonsalves on December 05, 2011


Hi. I really like the app, nice consistent graphics in the interface and simple. I don't seem to be able to change units though - this could be down to Firefox or my own stupidity! When I change units in the drop-downs, nothing happens, and a refresh of the page asks me to share location (and doesn't keep my settings). Something I'm doing wrong?
Otherwise, good work.

Updated by MrShoes on December 17, 2011


Thanks everyone, I've made a bunch of new changes and added weekly forecasting that you can drill down into, location confirmation, sticky headers, some handy anchors, bit more testing for firefox :) and I'll be adding search and some other stuff later.

Thanks for all the suggestions and comments!

Updated by davidhampgonsalves on December 21, 2011


Seems to be working just fine now. Good work, some great new additions, and very smooth animation.

Updated by MrShoes on December 22, 2011



Like the site, and it could prove a regular haunt for me.

One suggestion I would make, is can we have the location that it has determined, in human-readable format please?

I just want to be sure that the forecast it is giving me isn't for someone 1000 miles away...

Updated by dotcomdude on December 31, 2011


yea I can add some reverse geo, thanks for the suggestion

Updated by davidhampgonsalves on January 04, 2012


I'm afraid I couldn't get it to work. It just said it couldn't find my location. I am using the latest Firefox browser.

Updated by Harmsworth on April 08, 2012


This is awesome! Where did you get the graphics from?

Updated by tech189 on April 13, 2012

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