Any cross-platform APP developers here? (Facebook or mobile)

Forum > Coding > Posted April 19, 2012

Need help completing a cross platform mobile app.

I really believe this is the next break through app for facebook.

However, I need a talented team to help me bring it to the masses.

If you need more info message me..

Updated by mikestar on March 11, 2016


Still looking for more developers and designers to get on board with this.

Updated by mikestar on April 27, 2012


I can help but need more info,

Updated by yohize on April 29, 2012


@Yohize I've sent you a few email now.

I need another php developer to help work on this idea.

I could give you more detailed information by email.

Updated by mikestar on May 12, 2012


I can develop an Android app but I need more info

Updated by GreekOphion on June 15, 2012


@GreekOphion I sent you a message.

Updated by mikestar on June 17, 2012


I currently develop mobile apps but am also experienced with PHP etc...

Once again, more info please!

Updated by rarebit on July 18, 2012

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