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I am a complete novice but I want to become a web designer. Can any one be of help? How and where do I start?

Updated by jdongwen on March 11, 2016

Paul Diston

What development experience do you currently have? What programming languages do you know?

Updated by Paul Diston on April 17, 2012


None whatsoever. Sorry I come from the part of the world that is still just trying to catch up as far as the internet is concerned.You know of some tutorials on the net? Any advice will greatly help.

Updated by jdongwen on April 18, 2012

Paul Diston

The answer to your question may be dictated by what sort of web content you are looking to create and what platforms you are looking to target. Are you looking to create simple web pages or dynamic web pages with user interaction and media content?

As a starting point I would probably look into HTML :-

Updated by Paul Diston on April 18, 2012


There are many ways to get started with web development. Each one has it's advantages and each is a big investment in time. I suggest you carefully research your options before you make a choice. I personally went the microsoft route ( This allows you to do pretty much anything you want but if you are wanting to develop a facebook app I'm not sure it would be much use.

Updated by monkeytrainer on April 19, 2012


Thanks Paul and monkey trainer for your insights. Let me explore those options you've given me and I will get back.

Updated by jdongwen on April 20, 2012


Hi,I'm a beginner in computer programming and I want to be a professional programmer but I found it so hard.Is there any solution that I can find it more easily?and what techniques that if I fallow them I can be a professional programmer?

Updated by mehran_01 on April 22, 2012

Paul Diston

@mehran_01 - Which programming languages do you currently develop in?

Updated by Paul Diston on April 23, 2012

F.T Bluetooth

I am a novice, I need help about programming and website designing/developer

Updated by F.T Bluetooth on May 13, 2012


If you want to become a web developer, you will need to know how to create a web page, so learn HTML and CSS. Next you will need to learn some programming in order to create dynamic web pages, where parts of the page are stored in a database. I started learning this by using PHP and MySQL, but I would suggest you learn Ruby and MongoDB (I prefer them because they are easier and more intuitive to use). Sinatra is a great Ruby framework that (I believe) is simple enough for beginners to understand. Next you will want to learn JavaScript (not Java, that is something different) and use jQuery to animate parts of your web page and perform AJAX requests without reloading the page. That's probably enough technology and acronyms to keep you busy.

Updated by misbehavens on June 16, 2012

What ho.

The truth is when people say 'Learn all these languages' and give you a long list of letters that you somehow have to decipher, it can be much more daunting and off-putting than actually trying itself.

Obviously, you will have to learn these languages, but it needn't be as blunt as 'read some tutorials!'.

If I were you, (which I once was, I may add), then I would start off with one of a few methods...

1) You may want to create an account with a site builder/system such as Piczo (which may seem babyish, but very useful at your level) or Wordpress (which will give you much more control, but is premade for you). That way, you don't have to invest any money in a website yet, and still have time to practise.

Basically, once your site is created, play around with the elements. In Piczo, have a look at some of the features and how they work (HTML codes, colours, etc). In Wordpress, you'll have a default theme. If you look at the online editor in your admin panel, then you will be able to view the code needed to create that theme. And there you are provided with your first steps to learning basic code. Fiddle around with it, change stuff, break the site, restart the site, do whatever. You'll learn so much more by experience. (with wordpress, though, the code is a little different, but not much)

2) Don't get a website yet. Go onto your favourite website, go to 'view' in your top display bar of your computer, and click 'view source' in the menu. Viewing the 'source' (which is basically the code) of a website can give you the whole idea of what works how. Bare in mind that not all code is shown in the source. But use what you can see to learn the notation. Then link that with tutorials to learn coding further. And ask LOADS of questions! To everyone and anyone. 'How do I make this do that?' 'What does this mean?' etc etc.

3) Get yourself a website (expensive and risky, mind you). Perhaps get a 'freewebs' (if that's still around) with code editing facilities. Then copy a code from somewhere, post it into the website and add stuff to it and observe the changes.

Right, that's about all the methods I can manage to write here. For you personally, I would say that number 1 is very time consuming. It relies on you developing your coding abilities over a very long stretch (1-2 years maybe). Sounds daunting, but worth it for many. Number 3 is more complicated, because you have to understand domains, hosting, and how to upload stuff online (ie software known as FTP programs). So, I'd say number 2 is your most reliable method. Still takes a bit of patience, but quicker than the first way, and safer than the third. To start off, maybe go to my website, '' and view the source. Work out what does what and read some tutorials at w3schools at someone else suggested or just google them. :) If you need me to be more specific, just say. And any of the other methods may easily suit you better, I just thought I'd make a suggestion.

I don't know if that helped at all. And I know stuff will still be confusing. But you'll get there.

Any specific questions? Ask everybody and anybody, remember. But you can ask me if you like :)

Updated by What ho. on June 18, 2012


Just wanted to say that you have been a big help What Ho, but Pizco no longer seems to work or if it does then I don't understand whats going on at thier site.

Updated by Cavalry on July 18, 2014

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