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so I made an iPhone app with a friend of mine the other day. We were annoyed by the available apps for tracking gym workouts. They were bloated with lists of thousands of exercises and workouts, the interface was not thought through, and they were kind of slow.

We wanted something to use at the gym - WHILE working out. Something fast and easy to use. We didn't find it, so we made it.

You can check it out at www.gymheroapp.com or just download it and try it. Since it's $1.99 here's a bunch of promo codes for you to play around with the app for free:


We got almost exclusively 4 and 5 star reviews on the app store so far (let's hope it stays that way, heh ;) but I would love some feedback from some fellow hackers who hit the gym.

So yeah, let me know!


Updated by jannis on April 26, 2012


Hey Jannis, I have been planning to build a similar app for HTML5 phones, or android.

Whats your development team like for iSo are you just starting out?

Updated by stevewolfe on April 13, 2012


Excessive swearing in an official video?!

Updated by derobton on April 17, 2012


@stevewolfe: not sure what you meant with that last sentence? :-)

@derobton: That must have been the Sean Connery edit!

Updated by jannis on April 26, 2012

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