Project designer needs a hacker partner from anywhere in the world

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I have the rights and design for an on-line game. It has been successful as a board game and as a virtual game in Second Life. Now I want to put it on the web as a free game, using Google ads and possibly add-ons to earn money.

I have the bulk of the design and mechanics worked out, but my knowledge of php, MySQL and Javascript is not up to the task. I am still learning, but feel it could delay things by more than a year if I wait to go it alone.

Hence the need for a partner who would do the coding for a percentage of the revenue.

Anyone interested? If so, why you?

I have no problem where the partner is based, but a good understanding of English would be essential.

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I am interested currently attempting to learn all 3 mainly javascript and php. Why me? No reason I am new and ready to learn and most people that I know say that the best way to do this is by doing. And I see this as an opportunity to both learn more through you and through experience. :)
My email:

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