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I was thinking of trying to make some kind of trading website where people trade items for the other person's items. But they send them to eachother and what if one of them doesn't send the other one his item. He would be able to keep the other's item. Is there a way of stopping this?

Updated by ThatUselessMan on April 27, 2012



I have a very similar idea I have developed (on paper)

Have you got anyone that can help develop it has a script?

Updated by mikestar on April 08, 2012


If the website holds traders' credit card details on file then if an item failed to arrive a charge could be put against the other member. How you value that charge would be a problem, of course, unless the traders had to agree a value in advance.

You would almost certainly have to use a recorded delivery system to provide proof of delivery.

Perhaps a charge could be levied by the website for each transaction and then refunded when the goods are received.

Anything along these lines would need a bank to be on board and would have first class management as a prime criterion.

Updated by Harmsworth on April 08, 2012


Question. If you are just matching individuals wanting to swop items why do you feel obliged to stay in the loop after the transaction has been agreed?

Updated by davidmahoney on April 09, 2012


I would say get it going and don't worry too much about that sort of thing. E-bay would appear to have the same problem, once money has bean paid why send the item? With paypal and using a credit card it is a bit easier to pursue the seller and get your money back but I bet in the vast majority of cases it never gets that far. The thing that seems to work is the seller rating. You might get away with ripping someone off once but who would trade with you if you got slated. Another idea would be to control the method of exchange, for large expensive items a face to face transfer would appear sensible. Another idea would be to use a third party (i.e. both people send their goods to another user, who verifies that everything is as it should be then re-ships them). The verifier could receive some small payment from both swappers for the service, again this would need some sort of review system.

Updated by monkeytrainer on April 09, 2012


Some good Ideas here, I've drawn up and thought about most possibilities and think I've got it sorted. I just need some guys that are skilled to help develop this idea.

Updated by mikestar on April 17, 2012


Hi Mikestar,

I agree with monkeytrainer. I would also like to add the legal requirements as a service provider and liability protection for proposed business. I've seen a lot of start-up fail within the first 3 months because they didn't understand or prepared themselves for the legal implications. One other issue you might want to look into is insurance. Ebay and Paypal have very strong insurance plans in place.

Good Luck.

Updated by GetWaz on April 25, 2012


Sorry I was mean't to address that to "ThatUselessMan" - apologies

Updated by GetWaz on April 26, 2012


@GetWaz, I agree also.

However, we seem to all know what's needed, so why not take a proactive approach and get building?

At the end of the day you like and you learn.

@HackerBuddy, why doesn't these updates come through to my email?

Updated by mikestar on April 27, 2012

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