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Hello guys, thanks for using Hackerbuddy. What do you think of the relaunch so far? Is there anything you love about it? Anything you hate? Anything you'd like to see added or improved?

Updated by Sharky on April 14, 2014


It seems straightforward and simple - it's hard not to pick it up pretty quickly if you play around with it.

Updated by chris4 on December 01, 2011


The search doesn't support the back button. Might want to fix that.

Updated by mindeavor on December 01, 2011


Love the new design! I think the matching tools could be a bit more robust however.

Updated by manifestphil on December 01, 2011


Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it.

@manifestphil - thanks, just so I know exactly what you mean, what makes you say that? Have you found it doesn't match you up with people because you didn't put in *quite* the same phrase they did (e.g. "Rails" instead of "Ruby on Rails")?

Updated by Sharky on December 01, 2011


great idea. kool design. thanks!

Updated by vigo on December 01, 2011


I instantly fell in love with the minimal design and process !
Keep it up, needs more users !

Updated by Berg on December 01, 2011


I like the design. One thing I noticed, when I agreed to help someone, I couldn't go back and re-read their original question to me, it just says I can be expecting an email from them. It would be helpful to see what they originally asked.

Updated by epschmidt on December 01, 2011


Thanks :)

@epschmidt - Thanks, you're absolutely right - I'll get that included.

Updated by Sharky on December 02, 2011


I think its brilliant, beautifully minimal

Updated by bodyloss on December 02, 2011


Hi, first day here. Everything looks good. In terms of the sign up process, auto complete on the skills section would be great.

Updated by davidhampgonsalves on December 02, 2011

Dylan James

Maybe import LinkedIn? I think this is a great idea for a hacker-centric professional network. Down the line you might want to post a job-board with sponsored listings (revenue). You might also want to expand profiles to directly feature portfolios to show who is more marketable.

Updated by Dylan James on December 02, 2011


You guys rock - thanks for all the feedback.

Auto-complete sounds like a really useful idea, and I like the idea of building out the profile page to include portfolios. Thanks, keep the suggestions coming :)

Updated by Sharky on December 02, 2011


It all looks really good to me, I think location tools would be nice, something like finding other people near you, I mean, we're all into the same stuff, but that stuff gets done differently in different countries, so advice would be different if you ask someone from the US, UK, or México... Edit: The dates on the posts are the server's.... kinda weird if you don't know the timezone of the post, I assume UTC... Dates could be in localtime for the client

Updated by kuilvo on December 03, 2011


This could just be life-saver for people like me. Thanks so much.

Updated by TheRealmccoy on December 05, 2011


It's a brilliant idea, I now there are others, but this one feels happy.

Updated by fingerpuk on December 07, 2011

Marc Costello

An option to unlink account from twitter would be nice (if im being picky).

I really like the idea although in my opinion - it is still more beneficial to get your problem out to the masses by way of a forum etc..
You are more likely to find a more robust solution that way? Would you not agree?

Updated by Marc Costello on December 07, 2011


great design, simple. keep up the good work.

Have web site, will scale :-)

Updated by toxicnaan on December 07, 2011


great idea. New to it.

Updated by Condensermike on December 08, 2011


I love it but I'll let you know when I get someone helping me for the first time :)

Updated by Wiplash on December 09, 2011


That's great, thanks guys - @Marc I think it's a subtle difference to a public Q&A sometimes. Sites like StackOverflow are extremely useful and really effective in a lot of situations, but they're not as personal as this - and it's harder to have a back and forth discussion (that's not really what it's for, I guess).

Good point about unlinking the Twitter account - although in truth, once you've linked Twitter with Hackerbuddy, the site doesn't actually do anything with it - we use it once to grab your Twitter image, and to help prove that you are who you say you are (so that we can piggyback on Twitter's verification if you're a celebrity, etc), but I can see it being useful if you want to remove the Twitter button or stop using that image. I'll add that to the list of things to do.

Thanks for all the feedback - it's all appreciated - keep it coming :)

Updated by Sharky on December 12, 2011

Matt Fonz

Feels a bit empty here. Maybe I'm not using it right. But definitely a great idea!

Updated by Matt Fonz on December 17, 2011


Hi Matt - I think the forum seems quite empty, despite having loads of people using the system. I'm guessing it's because I've hidden the link to the forum down in the footer and not made much of a deal about it - I'll have to find a way to make it a bit more noticeable. Also, thanks for the kind words :)

Updated by Sharky on December 17, 2011


A larger radius for "near me" would be better for those of us in the sparser regions. 30 miles is basically my town of 25,000 people. It just shows me - which OK, is trivially true, but feels a little disappointing.

Updated by Vivtek on December 17, 2011


Hi Vivtek, thanks for the feedback. You should know though, the location feature has only just gone live so most people on Hackerbuddy wouldn't have had a chance to add their location yet. When they do, they'll be able to show up on a "near me" search - and hopefully there'll be more hackers near you than you think. Thanks for giving Hackerbuddy a go - let me know how you find it :)

Updated by Sharky on December 17, 2011


It seems really cool, I've been looking for a way to connect to likeminded people. One small thing, when I set the number of users to be displayed, click a user and go back it loses that setting. Might want to save that as a setting, could just be a cookie.

Updated by jurre on December 17, 2011


I think this is a great project - I really hope it reaches critical mass & thrives. :-)

One thing I'm finding a bit odd is the messaging on first contact. Two people have left me messages with questions in, I accept their request, and suddenly the question is gone & I can't reply to it easily.

It would be good to include their first message in the email that goes out. Or make the message - and indeed the whole thread that follows - accessible through the site. (If I were coding it, I'd pick the latter. It's more work, but you don't want to just host the initial connection, you want to be a platform to support the whole relationship. Especially that first conversation...)

Updated by Kris on December 18, 2011


Thanks for the feedback guys, it's all really useful.

Kris - very good point, the messages disappearing was annoying for me too. I've just pushed out a fix that now shows the original help request that was sent, so that should hopefully be a bit more useful.

Updated by Sharky on December 18, 2011


Definitely some more integration with sites like LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, github, and Quora would be good, even if you're just adding links to my profile on those sites to this app.

Updated by dobesv on December 22, 2011


Thanks - I'll have a think about adding github sections and the like, but in the meantime you can actually use some regular HTML tags on your profile if you want to include other links (check out mickeyc's profile for an example of really customising it).

Updated by Sharky on December 22, 2011


Hi Sharky,

Love the minimalist design. However, I can't find the link to edit my photo and email address for the account. Unless I'm going blind.


Updated by gmike on January 08, 2012


Hi gijoemike, thanks for the feedback. Avatars are pulled in from Gravatar.com based on the email address that you signed up with - I've been meaning to add a little note about that (so thanks for the reminder). Alternatively, if you hit "Connect with Twitter" on your settings page, we'll use your Twitter profile pic (we never tweet from your account or do anything irritating or shady - it literally just uses the photo and adds the Twitter button to your profile page).

At the moment I've not added a way for people to update their email address - but it's on my list of things to do. For now, if you want to change your email address, could you let me know at hckrbuddy@gmail.com and I can sort it out for you.

Updated by Sharky on January 09, 2012


I like the idea of hacker buddy.

It would be nice if search did support the back button.

I feel my profile is missing a private list of current-projects-I-need-help-with which I would fill out a description and Hacker buddy makes suggestions who might be a good match to help me.

Updated by csjones on February 05, 2012


I've helped three out of four people so far and I'm enjoying it. The only one who didn't follow through seemed to have an enormous request, and I wonder if they abandoned it because it seemed too good to be true. Maybe the site can guide people towards asking for something reasonable to increase the percentage of successful connections.

Updated by michaeldhopkins on February 05, 2012


Thanks for the feedback guys.

Nice one, thanks Michael - I'll have a think about a nice way to guide people into asking for reasonable things. Also, thanks for helping so many people, that's awesome.

Updated by Sharky on February 06, 2012


I love the design. Simple and beautiful as Einstein word's.

Updated by ndrX on March 23, 2012

Stephen Ryan

Only concern I have is whether coders will share their knowledge. Most the ones I know are so consumed by their employers that they just don't have the mental bandwidth to share.
Great concept though and I really do hope it takes off big time.

Updated by Stephen Ryan on April 07, 2012


I am concerned that people might imagine that the word hacker means you are planning to teach people how to break into other's websites. This might stop some people joining unless they realise the word also means coders etc.

Updated by Harmsworth on April 08, 2012


Love the concept, could do with some additional features (like replying to specific responses within the forum).

Updated by monkeytrainer on April 09, 2012


Love the concept will be one to rival stack over flow I think. Forum could us propagation or continuous scroll "like facebook feed/ google images" but other than that its cool and I will be seeing who i can help / get help from!

Updated by stevewolfe on April 11, 2012


Just had shut the lid on my laptop and thought of something else.
It would be good for people to have a way of setting a scale of how busy their current work load is and like a slider so people can see if the person their asking for help from is currently very busy.

Updated by stevewolfe on April 11, 2012


I have no complaints so far. No error messages, no difficult navigating the user interface and everyone is helpful.

You could try and improve the Graphical design. But really that's not what people here are interested in.

All in all Hacker buddy is a simple forum in which technical people can speak of there ideas, problems and help each other out. I am happy with it being just that.

Updated by Mike123 on April 13, 2012


Love the concept of the site, but find it a little sparse, feels like very little activity, ghost town almost...

Could do with a coding support forum, challenges, news chat, etc, just to liven it up and get more regular throughput.

There's definitely something about it because I keep coming back...

Updated by rarebit on June 28, 2012


@Sharky notifications when someone leaves a message in the forum.

Updated by mikestar on June 30, 2012


Thanks guys - all really useful feedback, keep it coming :)

Updated by Sharky on July 02, 2012


What about something like a like button, but more of a say rating system...

Sharky's idea would be helpful... ;)

Updated by rarebit on July 18, 2012


Quote ability in the forum, and more formatting options (inc. strikethrough!)

Updated by rarebit on July 18, 2012


Oh, knowing who posted last without having to go into the thread and scrolling to the bottom...

Updated by rarebit on July 18, 2012


1st of all I want to say hello! to everyone in buddy and want to say "We have only a great weapon to fight evil nature(corruption,Social crime, Scams etc)hope we fight with this evil forever up to live......!

Updated by whitehat007 on November 19, 2012


The "ask for help" page has a 400 chars limit. Unfortunately there is no client-side check. I wasted a bit of time there explaining things with too much detail. For a simple fix just add maxlength=400 it's an html5 feature. Or use javascript in addition to that and what I like is when the length starts showing at a certain percentage so that I know I have to end soon. This form here "leave a reply" is probably the same.

Updated by tobiash on December 22, 2012

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