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Tech Startup needs a potential CTO figure within Ire/UK to take existing code and enhance.
Current code needs to either be re-written or tweaked to include localisation services and be made 'social'.
If anyone's local enough to meet up that would be ideal.

Updated by RJW on April 10, 2012


Could you specify more details, such as the language of the existing code and the type of project? It might help to attract more attention if the coders knew that what you're requesting is within their range of experience and skill set.

Updated by MrShoes on December 17, 2011


More details would definitely help - programming language and platform definitely required and 'social' and 'localisation' are pretty meaningless without more detail. 'local enough to meet up' - where in UK/IRE are you?

Updated by gingerhendrix on January 02, 2012

allian malik

plz bro tale me how to do free call to uk

Updated by allian malik on February 10, 2012

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