help please corrupted wallet.dat

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Hi, back in 2013 I researched about Bitcoin and I understand what is wallet.dat is I downloaded this program:
But it does not work when I put my wallet.dat file in this location: C:\Users\Sam\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin
First I installed Bitcoin Core (it made me a new wallet.dat) and then I replaced it with file wallet.dat but it has odd extension on it now and that does not work, displays the message: "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed"
There is 2.2 BTC in wallet. I don't understand how it works.
If anyone can get working wallet.dat , I think it's fair to share 50% 50% but I would like my part to be in real money, since it is difficult to understand bitcoins. Let me know if you are in a position to cooperate.

uploaded here

Written by helpmepleasee on March 09, 2018

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