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my name is Bruce Fancher i am a well known professional world wide computer hacker ,i am sure some of you that pay attention to the dark web must have held of me or my code name (Timberwolf or Dead Lord) if you havent you can look up my name on google , i am a leading member of the hacking group know as Legion of Doom you can also look that up if you want , i am offering hacking services to people who may need such services ,if you have read about what i and my crew have done you will know that we are the real deal ,i am offering services like -Mobile phone hacking -Instagram / Facebook Hacking -Email Hacking -Website hacking (defacing and complete take over ) -University website hacking -Online Voting System Hacking -Information Retrival From Websites Please Note : I deal in bitcoin escrow payment only ,it helps protects both the hacker and the clents so no form of scam may occur and it will also help establish trust.Now i'm not in the business of time wasting , i wont go through the whole time wasting process of giving you proof i will complete the job ,hand it over to you and you will confirm it yourself when it has been confirmed you release escrow funds to me thats the best offer you can ever get when i comes to dealing with hackers or anyone from the dark web ,if you use my service and are happy please leave a good comment under this post if you need any of these services feel free to contact me on my email :

Written by bruce_d_timberwolf on September 15, 2017

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