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I was happily married for 21years. I loved my wife so much that i never for once cheated on her during our marriage because i believed she was loyal to me as i was to her. Then one day, her phone was ringing in the parlour and i was right there watching a program on tv. But i noticed she quickly ran from the room to pick her phone when she heard it, she ran like she was scared i might pick it up and also she went into the room to pick the call, i tried to follow her quietly to eavesdrop at what she was saying to figure out who she was talking to but i couldnt hear her because she kept whispering on phone.When i asked her who called, she told me it was a friend of hers trying to ask her something but they couldnt hear each other on phone.That really got me suspicious of her. And there was no other way to know the truth than to get a hacker to hack into her phone calls,text messages etc so that i could monitor her properly.Then i saw a post on youtube about an ethical hacker( who is really good at what he does. He hacked into her phone and i had access to all the activities on it including her deleted text messages. After got done with the hack, It really broke my heart when i found out that she was still seeing her Ex BF, someone she told me she was done with a long time ago even before our marriage. She met him some couple of times since we got married to have sex. They chat on a regular basis.My wife and her Ex both keep on making new email addresses and chat on whatsapp and phone calls. They do short video chats and share photos all sorts including nude pictures of themselves. There's no other person to thank than for revealing my wife's long kept secret to me with his professional hacking skills.

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i want to hook you guys up to my personal hacker he is an egypt hacker the best i have seen so far , he has been helping me out for months now , my grade in college is perfect thanks to him , i dont know how much he charges for other jobs but he charges 300$ for changing my grade , though he always ask a upfront fee from first time customers which you can negotiate with him because i dont think its fixed , i think it has to do with his mood lol , anyway his name is sachin at least thats what he asked me to call him , i think if he feels you are not a cop he will skype with you , but before then you can contact him his email is

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Hire your own personal hacker and get prove before payment

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