Hire a hacker you can trust 100%

Forum > Advice > Posted January 31, 2017

HI i am a hacker , unlike other hackers here that request for half payment upfront i dont do that i provide you with proof before you make payment , my payment method is bitcoin as it helps me stay anonymous , now i am able to hack almost anything as long as it is connected to the internet . if you are not happy with my service you can always leave a negative feed back but i can assure it will never get to that .

1- I can hack any smart phone to spy on it , even monitor chat messages like watsapp or track it (maybe you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you or you want to know the wereabout of your kids )

2- I can hack social media sites like twitter , instagram , facebook , myspace and provide screen shot prove before payment

3- I can hack any email address

4- I can hack into websites and edit records for you or take down a website

5- I can hack university web servers to change student grades

6- I can make bank transfers or send money to your credit cards

if you need a hacker you should contact me

my email is cyberdeepwebhacker@hotmail.com

Written by hacker247365 on January 31, 2017

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