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Hi are you a pro hacker or at least u can teach me some better stuff that i can do with my phone rather than playing games if u really can ill be soooo happy cuz i need to be good at something oh yeah ok thank for reading this if u mind
My Email : 12tiomaitimu3@gmail.com
My Kik : newbieboybest

Thanks once more i appreciate it
-Tio Maitimu-

Updated by TioMaitimu on March 25, 2017


Professional Hacker For Hire With Prove
Only interested people!!!

Are you looking for a hacker you can trust to get the job done? you have found the right hacker, read below the services I offer and feel free to email to me

- Hacking of social media accounts like facebook , instagram , twitter and its likes

- Making untracable bank transfers to your bank account to clear your debt or for any reason you might need money

- Hack and spy any mobile phones both andriod , iphone or even windows this is mostly for people who want to spy on there cheating spouse .

- Hack any email account and give you the password

- Website hacking to sabotage , deface, steal information or change records like university grade (note change of grade can only be done if the websites stores grades on the server )

-Clearing of bad credit and criminal records

- Mass advert placement to spread news of your company or products to places you can not even imagine

- Performing penetration testing for sites and servers as well as DDos attack

Contact me with my email below if you need me. If you want my phone number I will only provide that when I’m sure you are not a cop lol

email : curtis_jordan22@cyberservices.com

Updated by curtis_wizard on January 19, 2017


I recommend that you contact treythehacker@gmail.com if you need to check on your partner’s sincerity,employee’s honesty,recover lost email,institutional servers-keylogging -University grades changing / Admin(staff) Account hack -Access/Password,Facebook, instagram, bbm,Skype, snapchat, Various blogs, icloud, apple accounts etc Clearing of criminal records,email accounts hack ( gmail,yahoomail,hotmail )Database hack- Untraceable IP,change your school grades,gain access to bank accounts. Contact him via Email at treythehacker@gmail.com

Updated by Trey on January 24, 2017


HI i am a hacker , unlike other hackers here that request for half payment upfront i dont do that i provide you with proof before you make payment , my payment method is bitcoin as it helps me stay anonymous , now i am able to hack almost anything as long as it is connected to the internet

1- I can hack any smart phone to spy on it , even monitor chat messages like watsapp or track it (maybe you want to know if your spouse is cheating on you or you want to know the wereabout of your kids )

2- I can hack social media sites like twitter , instagram , facebook , myspace and provide screen shot prove before payment

3- I can hack any email address

4- I can hack into websites and edit records for you or take down a website

5- I can hack university web servers to change student grades

6- I can make bank transfers or send money to your credit cards

if you need a hacker you should contact me

my email is cyberdeepwebhacker@hotmail.com

Updated by hacker247365 on January 31, 2017


Legit Hacker For Hire With Prove
hey friends , this message is for people who are searching for hackers , we am a members of anonymous pakistan , here to offer
hacking services to people in need of it , we are building our customer base thus the reason for this post , we offer services like
- hack any smart phone to spy on it , monitor chat messages like watsapp or track it , you can hire us to do this for you or you can buy
our private software to do it yourself
- hack any email address you are provided with prove before payment
- bank transfers or send money to your credit cards you can see prove on our site below
- hack social media sites like twitter , instagram , facebook , myspace and provide screen shot prove before payment
- hack university web servers to change student grades
- clear bad credit or criminal record .
- teach hacking from scratch
- sell credit cards or make paypal transfer or provide you with paypal login access to make transfer yourself
these services and more we can offer
visit our website and refer your friends who might need our service
website : http://underworlddwellers.esy.es
email : undergrounddwellers@hotmail.com

Updated by hacker247365 on January 31, 2017


Read This If You Need A Hacker. Interested People Only.
My name is ***, LOL. I can’t tell you my name; I don’t want the FBI on my ass. In the world of business and the world itself...What separates the rich from the poor, the oppressor and the oppressed, the good and the bad decisions is INFORMATION. Those who like to RULE, get RICH and be WINNERS understand the concept of information and that’s why Presidents, CEOs and even security agencies around the world operate alongside hackers. I am a HACKER FOR HIRE and i provide hacking services to you interested clients. I understand the importance of discretion and i make it a priority in my dealings. Contact me on ne0sn1ff3420@gmail.com for my services. Bye

Updated by ne0sn1ff3 on March 25, 2017

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