Designer needed - front end code offered

Forum > design > Posted December 07, 2011

I'm entering the final straight of a rather splendid web application (location / social / movies).

A couple of components need a design rethink and I'm all outta ideas.

If you have a project or an idea which you can visualise but not translate into code, I can help you there.

Get in touch for a weekend exchange visit!

Updated by VeganBen on November 04, 2012


See my post under Coding looking for a partner somewhere in the world. Might be of interest.

Updated by Harmsworth on April 08, 2012


am a good corel draw user... I think i can help you with your need

Updated by theofrizon on October 03, 2012


I will be with you

Updated by Atahir on October 18, 2012


Check out my contribution to Google Campus members

Updated by mikestar on November 04, 2012

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